Röhnisch range of workout t-shirts is designed to fit the female body - regardless of body shape! The materials and design are made to suit both you and your workout, whether you prefer low-intensity or high-intensity workouts. Many of our t-shirts feature breathable fabrics designed to effectively wick moisture away from your skin, ensuring a cool and comfortable experience throughout your workout. The flexible material provides full freedom of movement, whether you're practicing martial arts, doing a yoga session, or going for a run.

One of the key benefits with our t-shirts lies in their sleeves, providing a protective barrier against potential friction with barbells or other gym equipment. Specifically designed for outdoor workouts under the sun, we highly recommend our t-shirts with UPF 50+ (UPF standing for Ultraviolet Protection Factor). These shirts offer an additional layer of defense against the harmful effects of solar radiation. Select from a range of t-shirts offering loose or more fitted styles, varying waist and sleeve lengths—whether short or long—and the option of prints or plain designs. Details matter! Let your personal preferences and choice of workout guide you in making the perfect choice. 

In our t-shirt range, you'll find products available in sizes XS to 3XL and an array of color options. Let your choice of top complement the rest of your workout attire, which you can put together with matching workout leggings, sports bras, and accessories like socks and caps.

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