Compression leggings

Our compression leggings are designed for high-intensity activities and are perfect for those looking to achieve optimal performance during their workouts. Made from moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, these tights keep you dry and cool during intense training sessions. Additionally, they are designed with both high and regular waist options, providing a perfect fit and cleaner lines that accentuate your curves. 

Why should you use compression leggings?

Compression fabric applies even pressure to the muscles, which increases blood flow and circulation, making your body feel more energized. This aids in post-workout recovery and reduces muscle fatigue. Most of these leggings are equipped with an integrated pocket at the back of the waist, allowing you to securely store your valuables during your workout.

How tight should compression leggings be?

The purpose of compression is to provide support to major muscle groups, such as the thigh muscles. However, compression leggings should not be overly tight around joints like the ankles and knees. It's important that you feel for yourself whether the pressure is in the right places to achieve the best possible feel and support. First and foremost, it's important to select your regular size when purchasing leggings because compression tights should fit snugly, as the name suggests. If you choose tights that are too large, they may slide down, the compression will be misplaced, and they may bunch up, which isn't flattering. If you want to be cautious with your tights, you can roll them on like pantyhose, which helps keep the compression in place and reduces the risk of them splitting at the seams or otherwise getting damaged. Therefore, handle your tights with care. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a beginner, our compression leggings are perfect for helping you achieve your fitness goals. You can learn more about our Shape high waist leggings and their features, which are some of our most popular items year after year.

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