Here, we have curated specially selected pieces suitable for running. Our range is designed by women, for women, spanning from size XS to 6XL. Since 1945, Röhnisch has been a pioneer in designing activewear, and our running clothes are no exception. The collection combines function with style, created to make every run enjoyable and comfortable. Rooted in our understanding of women, we are passionate about meeting their needs.

Quality running attire is characterized by providing freedom of movement, effective moisture transport, and reliable protection against varying weather conditions. For winter running, jackets with a thin lining are recommended, as they help retain warmth while allowing free movement. It's essential to be aware that overly thick clothing can cause excessive sweating, paradoxically leading to body cooling. Therefore, it's often better to start the run feeling slightly cool in the initial 5-10 minutes until the body warms up. A vest can sometimes be an excellent alternative depending on your specific needs.

Our workout jackets are specially designed to meet the demands of intense training sessions. We focus strongly on breathability of materials, offering a wide range of lightweight running jackets to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your exercise. From high-performance tights and supportive sports bras to breathable tops, you'll find everything with us. Each piece is designed for optimal freedom of movement and comfort while keeping you dry and temperate in any weather.

With a broad range of sizes and modern design options, Röhnisch advocates for an inclusive and sustainable approach to sportswear. Explore our collection and discover clothes that not only enhance your performance but also boost your motivation to keep running.

Running is beneficial for both body and soul. Heading out for a run is not always easy. During your runs, you'll experience both successes and challenges. The ability to handle these challenges, in both competitive situations and regular workouts, as well as reaching your set goals, contributes to a sense of satisfaction that strengthens your self-image.

Running allows you to fully concentrate on your body's experiences, letting go of other thoughts. It becomes a time when you can reflect on various things and lower your stress levels. For many, running is also a form of meditation. After a successful run, you often feel filled with positive energy, and your ability to concentrate improves. It's an excellent way to kickstart your day, so head out to the running track with Röhnisch today!

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