Yoga Clothes

To choose yoga clothes

The optimal clothes for yoga should be comfortable, allow movement, and breathe. This simplifies the execution of various yoga poses without limitations.

When it comes to choosing yoga clothes, consider the following:

Yoga Tights: Popular for their tight fit and freedom of movement. These garments are often made of stretchy materials that adapt to your body, making it easier to see your body positions.

Yoga Pants: For those who prefer something more relaxed, loose yoga pants offer the opportunity to move freely.

Yoga Tops: It's important to have lightweight, breathable tops that don't need adjustment during the session. The last thing you want is for the shirt to ride up in certain positions. Therefore, many opt for a tighter fit that stays in place throughout the yoga session.

Sports Bra: A comfortable sports bra is crucial for women, to provide support and comfort. For activities like yoga, a low-support sports bra often works better.

Layering: In some forms of yoga, especially in heated rooms, it can be beneficial to dress in layers.

Socks and Gloves: Grip socks and gloves can help prevent slipping and provide a more stable grip on the yoga mat.

Color and Style: Last but not least, choose colors and styles that you feel comfortable in. The most important thing is to feel at ease.

For each type of yoga

The type of workout clothes that are best suited for the occasion depends on the type of exercise or sport ahead. Yoga requires flexibility and the ability to move between different body positions seamlessly. It is important not to be disturbed by clothes that need constant adjustment. Therefore, at Röhnisch, we have focused on developing functional yoga clothes that stay in place regardless of the yoga style, whether it's vinyasa, bikram, yin, or power yoga. Our clothes are designed to maximize your yoga experience, with a range that includes perfectly fitting yoga pants to stylish tops, elevating your yoga practice to a higher level. Roll out the mat and connect your body, breath, and mind. Namaste!

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