Sports bras

Explore our extensive collection of sports bras, available in a variety of styles and colors. Pair them with matching leggings to create fashionable workout sets while ensuring optimal support and comfort during your training sessions. A well-fitting sports bra is a crucial element of your workout attire, and at Röhnisch, we prioritize both fit and functionality in the design of our sports bras. Our size range accommodates everyone, from XS to 6XL.

To find the ideal sports bra, consider the type of exercise you engage in and the level of support required. Our range includes sports bras offering high support as well as sleek, seamless tops. Choose from variations with narrow or wide shoulder straps designed to alleviate pressure on your shoulders and neck.

Crafted to keep you in motion and motivated, our sports bras are made from high-quality, quick-drying, and functional materials, ensuring optimal comfort during intense workouts or low-intensity yoga classes. Incorporating features like moisture-wicking fabric and flexible fastenings, our sports bras elevate your gym experience.

If you need guidance in selecting the perfect sports bra, we've developed a comprehensive guide to assist you in finding the ideal fit. Our collection offers sports bras in diverse colors and designs, with many complemented by matching leggings. This versatility allows you to mix and match, creating stylish and high-quality training sets tailored to your personal style.

With Röhnisch sports bras, you not only look good but also feel comfortable while you push through your workout sessions.

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