Medium support sports bras

Explore our collection of medium-support sports bras, tailored for those seeking a balance of supportive comfort during workouts. Designed to offer optimal support without restricting movement, our sports bras come in various models and sizes, catering to diverse body shapes and preferences, ranging from size XS to XXXL.

Which sports bra suits me best?

Röhnisch's medium-support sports bras are crafted from premium materials that strike a harmonious balance between support and comfort. Engineered to minimize motion and discomfort while allowing ample flexibility for unrestricted workout movements, they are ideal for activities like gym workouts, walking, golf, and pilates. For higher intensity sports such as running, dancing, or horseback riding, we recommend choosing a high-support sports bra specifically designed for such activities. To assist you in finding the perfect sports bra tailored to your unique needs, we've created a comprehensive guide on selecting the right sports bra

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