Infinite Flex Tights

Our Infinite Flex tights are nicknamed "PMS tights" because the waistband can be easily adjusted for an optimal fit, regardless of your daily form. Made from a compression material with a high waist, these tights offer a perfect fit that stays in place, no matter what type of exercise you do.

Infinite Flex Tights are comfortable compression tights that provide support to muscles and blood circulation during exercise while the fabric has ventilating and moisture-wicking properties. The waistband has two adjustable buckles that allow you to adjust the fit by up to 6 cm.



  • Adjustable at both sides of waist with hooks

  • Breathable and moisture wicking fabric

  • High waist and extra long length

  • Bonded pocket at side of leg

  • Made from recycled material

This innovative feature allows you to adapt the fit to your daily form or monthly cycle. Infinite Flex is perfect for those who fluctuate between two sizes. The tights have a bonded pocket on one side of the leg for storage of your phone, gym card or keys. The tights are made from 69% recycled polyester. For maximum comfort in terms of fit, combine Infinite Flex Tights with Infinite Flex Sports Bra, a sports bra that can be adjusted in several places to fit your body and daily form.

The Infinite Flex series is designed to meet the changing body and offer a perfect fit during every day of the month. The tights are comfortable and versatile and are suitable for all forms of training, indoors and outdoors.

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