Pile Fleece jackets

Here you'll find our range of fleece jackets for women. These jackets, also known as pile jackets, are designed to keep you warm while being lightweight and breathable. Whether you're looking for a jacket for chilly evenings, mountain hikes, or just something cozy to wrap around yourself at home, we have what you need. Use fleece as a lightweight jacket or as a layering piece for added warmth. Explore our selection of both thick and thin models, available with or without a hood, and in a variety of colors, perfect for pairing with our outdoor pants.

Fleece as a material
Fleece is a warming material that is excellent for everything from sweaters and jackets to pants and blankets. It provides a soft and comfortable feeling against the skin and stands out thanks to its unique appearance. With its lightweight and superior insulation capabilities, fleece works perfectly as a mid-layer, especially under a rain jacket. Moreover, fleece dries quickly and retains its warmth even in damp conditions.

Taking care of your fleece garments
Fleece jackets, often made of polyester, are sensitive to high heat. Washing them in hot water not only negatively affects the material but is also harmful to the environment as fleece can release microplastics at high temperatures. Always follow the care instructions on your fleece garment and try to air it out regularly to reduce the need for washing. Use a laundry bag to reduce friction during washing and avoid the dryer; instead, let the garment air dry. By taking care of your fleece in this way, you ensure it retains its soft feel and looks new for longer!

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