Warm leggings

When the temperature drops, your workout motivation doesn't have to do the same. Whether you're heading out for a rainy run or hitting the cross-country ski trails, we have warm and insulated leggings suitable for the occasion. Don't let the weather be the factor that stops you from exercising outdoors in the winter. All our warm leggings are made from functional materials to keep you warm and dry. 

What features do your insulated workout leggings have?

Some are made from certified non-mulesing merino wool with functional polyester on the inside, designed to wick moisture away from the body. Our rain leggings are constructed from recycled polyamide and flexible elastane, with accessories in organic resin. These leggings are waterproof with a treatment that lasts through 20 washes. We also have thermal leggings made from 86% recycled polyester with brushed thermal jersey for added warmth and a three-layer windproof interlock on the upper part of the front leg. You can find our full range of warm workout leggings here.

Can your workout leggings be used in the winter?

If you want to work out in the winter, we recommend choosing one of our thermal leggings, which have warming and insulating properties. They are designed to provide full comfort even during the colder months of the year.

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