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Sport The Legacy. Win The Future

Röhnisch started when the brandʼs founder came to Sweden in 1945. With the clear ambition to enable women to have an active lifestyle on her own conditions – We have repeatedly innovated and reinvented sportswear ever since.

The Heritage Campaign takes its inspiration from the brandʼs bold and iconic history, inviting more women to an active lifestyle. By challenging how sportswear is portrayed, Röhnisch wants to show that you can be active in your own way, and is just as good as any other way. 

Just as we've been by your side since 1945, let's continue this journey together, conquering new milestones and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Röhnisch Heritage
Since start röhnisch has redefined sportswear and we are now on a mission to carry our legacy by creating long lasting staples
Röhnisch heritage
Röhnisch heritage

Remember the energetic aerobics sessions of the early nineties? Today, the beat may have evolved into the rhythmic flow of pilates, but the spirit remains unchanged. Let's still do it together—embracing the nostalgia of the past while conquering the challenges of the future.

shine long sleeve
flattering high waist
string bodysuit

Celebrating the history

For this campaign we wanted to re-create some of our designs from clothes made decades ago. Have a look at the new staples inspired by our heritage and find your favorites.

The Collection embodies prints from the Röhnisch archives combined with new silhouettes and effortless retro influences.

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