Swedish heritage

It all started in Zeitz, Germany, where Hellmut Röhnisch was born in 1916. Hellmut escaped Nazi Germany and together with two friends, he set out, mostly on foot, through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, through Finland, and finally reaching the Swedish border at Haparanda 

In 1945 Hellmut competes in gymnastics and just days after receiving Swedish citizenship, he won the gold medal representing his new country. The same year, Röhnisch was founded and established as a supplier in gymnastics equipment. In the 1950s, Röhnisch innovates the industry by introducing “Sockiplast” to the market, a gymnastic sock with a non-slip coating. Hellmut found love in the Swedish beauty Margareta and in 1943, Hellmut married his fellow gymnast. Margareta Röhnisch would later become the Swedish champion in curling.


Inspired by the American actress, Jane Fonda, and the huge aerobic trend in the 1980s, Röhnisch expanded into active apparel for women.

A decade later, Röhnisch was one of the first to introduce microfiber in activewear. Microfiber, a soft, light material made from very thin artificial threads, is designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping the skin dry and cool. Super elastic in nature, microfiber is the perfect material for sportswear.

In 2000, Röhnisch took the position as an all-female brand with the empowering tagline, “For women, by women.” Since the very beginning, Röhnisch has challenged industry standards and elevated the voice of active women. We are proud to work with an all-female design team, making sure to put fit, function, and comfort for the female body first.

It’s is in our core to continuously striving to be and do better. By the end of 2020, over 70% of our collection will be produced in recycled or ecological material in an extended size range. We believe in function, quality and fit for different shapes a and forms.

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The pieces in our collection represent the team behind the brand, the partners we have crossed paths with, and most importantly; All the women we design for, our strength, power, and diversity.

"We celebrate the women we design for. Our strength, power, and diversity."

In 2020 we celebrated our 75th anniversary. We’re humbled, thankful, and proud of every piece of history that has taken us to this point. We are proud of the passion, hard work, and knowledge that lies behind every piece in our collection.

Röhnisch was founded in the early 1940s and we are proud of our long history. We believe it creates honesty and continuity for the brand.

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