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Payment options

You can see all available payment options at the checkout. Payment options vary depending on which country you shop in.

Customs duties

There are no customs duties when ordering from Norway.


Your safety is important to us. Together with Klarna Bank AB (publ), Sveavägen 46, 111 34 Stockholm, Sweden, we offer the following payment options where the payment is made directly to Klarna:

  • Pay within 30 days: The payment period is 30 days from the dispatch of the goods. The conditions for paying within 30 days can be found here.

  • Split up: Klarna Konto is an account credit provided by Klarna which gives the borrower the opportunity to pay in installments for their purchases monthly with at least 1/24 (minimum SEK 50) of the total used credit amount or in accordance with the conditions approved at the checkout. For more information about Klarna Account including general conditions and Standardized European consumer credit information you can find here.

  • Card payment: Your card is debited immediately after the order has been placed.

  • Bank transfer: Your account is debited immediately after the order is placed.

You can find more information about Klarna here and can read their terms of use here.

The use of this information is regulated in accordance with the current data protection law and Klarna's privacy policy.

Please note that when paying by card, the purchase amount is only deducted from your card at the time of dispatch.

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