Flattering Maternity Tights, Black

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Flattering Maternity Tights, Black
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A pair of flexible maternity leggings made in a mix of recycled polyester and elastane. It’s equipped with a breathable and moisture-wicking fabric that helps you keep cool and dry at all times. The thought-through design by our women designers makes it possible to wear these leggings as your body grows. Decorated with a Röhnisch logo text at the leg. Flattering has a high waist and long legs with an inseam of 69 cm. Available in a wide size range from XS to 6XL and in a basic black color, making it easy to pair with your favorite top. Complete your look with the Flattering sports bra and you’re ready for a workout session - or use Flattering as a comfortable option in your everyday wardrobe, no matter what week you are in.

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