We work to advance fair labor practices, inclusive partnership building, and diversity across our supply chain and within our organization.

Our suppliers

Throughout our supply chain, we work with partners who share our values of accountability, transparency, and sustainability. We will always do our best to be transparent and keep pushing for better. We require all our direct cut, sew & finish manufacturing partners to adhere to our Code of Conduct. These include prohibiting child labor & forced labor, health and safety protections, and meeting or exceeding legal minimum requirements in the locales where they work.

Our internal production team aims towards at least two supplier visits yearly to maintain our strong relationships with our suppliers, and make sure our mutual agreement is complied with. Furthermore, our suppliers participate in independent, third-party social assessments to ensure fair, safe, and healthy working conditions and continuous improvement. All our biggest garment suppliers are BSCI or Wrap certified.

Our fabric manufacturers are located in China, Taiwan, Turkey, Thailand, and, Portugal. The chart below displays the current breakdown in the respective garment manufacturer's location.

  • China 84,9%

  • Vietnam 10,6%

  • Turkey 4,3%

  • Portugal 0,2%

Our organization

We believe that representation, diversity and inclusion matter. We want to ensure that everyone feel included, valued and heard, at Röhnisch and in our community. For women, by women expresses the core of our company. For us, that means striving for equality both inside and outside of the organization.


Currently, 81% of our employees are women and 19% are men. Our management team consist of 88% women and 12% men. Our CEO as well as many key positions within the company are women. Our board consists of 75% women 25% men, with the Chair being a woman. 100% of our design team is female, which is our goal since we want to be the brand which truly knows the female body and what it takes to make active women feel confident, comfortable and strong.


The average age in the organization is currently 35 years old. We strive at representing all ages and not discriminate because of age in recruitment or decisions.


Our belief is that diversity and a diverse workforce is a foundation for good business and brand decisions. Hence, our goal is to be a company representing different backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities. Moving ahead, this will be reflected through our Inclusivity policy. In 2023, we updated and implemented our Recruitment policy.

A responsible and recommended workplace

Our employees are the center and heart of our company and Röhnisch strives towards being a top ranked employer with highly engaged and high performing employees. For instance, we invest in health initiatives, such as two sports sessions during worktime per week, to make sure we live as we learn. Twice per year our employees participate in an anonymous survey, to encourage transparent communication, upward feedback, and to ensure we keep track of engagement and satisfaction levels.

Our Communication

Our ambition is to reflect reality with our communication. We want women to be able to see themselves in our campaign images, e-commerce images and marketing activities. We work with models, elite athletes, brand ambassadors, moms and amateur athletes, different ethnicities, body shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages to make our communication as diverse and inclusive as possible.

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