Our swimwear is designed by women, for women, and ranges from size XS to XXXL. The selection of swimwear includes a variety of models and colors to cater to everyone. We are grounded in our understanding of women and are passionate about understanding and meeting their needs. Our collection includes everything from sporty or more classic bikinis to functional swimsuits. Our swimwear is equally suitable for relaxing days at the beach as for active swims in the pool.

How to choose the right swimwear?

For active days in the water, choose swimwear with a low-cut leg and wider shoulder straps for the best support and comfort. These are perfect for everything from swim training to water aerobics.

What material do we use for our swimwear?

Our swimwear is made from 100% recycled ECONYL® nylon, which is both durable and soft, offering excellent resistance to chlorine and saltwater. ECONYL® regenerated nylon is created from waste such as fishing nets from the oceans, textile waste from factories, and scraps from carpets that would otherwise end up in landfills. It is a material that is infinitely recyclable and opens up unlimited possibilities for manufacturers, creators, and consumers.

Care instructions for swimwear

  • After swimming, rinse your swimwear while showering.

  • Then rinse them in cold water and let them air dry in the shade or indoors.

  • For outdoor swimming, make sure to remove all sand and dirt.

  • Be cautious with use in hot chlorinated pools and spas, as this can negatively affect the lifespan of swimwear.

  • Avoid getting sunscreen on the garment to prevent discoloration.

  • Do not store swimwear rolled up in a wet towel, as it can promote bacterial growth and allow chlorine to damage the material. Watch out for sharp objects and rough surfaces that can cause pilling.

  • Machine washing and ironing can damage swimwear; hand washing is recommended instead.

  • Materials like polyamide or elastane (nylon/lycra) are less chlorine-resistant and require careful maintenance; they may stretch over time. Rinse quickly after use and avoid wringing them out.

  • Polyester is more chlorine-resistant and maintains shape and color better with frequent swimming in chlorinated water but can be sensitive to rough surfaces. Rinse after swimming to reduce chlorine odor.

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