Sweat like a woman

For decades, women doing sports have unconsciously been used to hide or even feel ashamed of their sweat, whereas for men it has been seen as a sign of power, performance, and health. This, in spite of sweat being natural and occurring in body parts simply based on the female anatomy. If you move, you sweat. If you perform, you sweat.

After constantly recurring questions about if our sportswear is sweatproof, we concluded: Yes, they are sweatproof. A sweaty proof of exercise.

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Our latest brand initiative, “Sweat Like a Woman” is fronted by four women who are all physical examples of how strength and sweat form; artist Seinabo Sey, Personal Trainer Louise Sondlo, dancer Johanna Sjövall and creator Kajsa Schuterman. Behind the camera was Emilia Bergmark-Jiménez. All participants encourage more women to be proud of and share their sweat, using the hashtag #SweatLikeaWoman

With this campaign, Röhnisch is launching its latest innovation and largest leggings collection ever, named Flattering. The Flattering collection was created based on a long period of research and insights into women's bodies and needs. The garments are available in sizes from XS up to 6XL with a curved, regular, or high waist in several lengths. Like 90% of the total collection, the Flattering segment is made from recycled materials. Let’s change the meaning of sweatproof.

Let’s change the meaning of sweatproof.

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