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Give good health for Christmas!

It’s that time of the year when we wander the shopping malls in circles trying to get the right gifts for family and friends. Well, no more. Let’s focus on giving everyone something that will improve their health and wellbeing instead. Here are five perfect gifts for the health conscious friend or – even better – for those who need to be more health conscious in 2017!

Omniblend mixer – Not as expensive as the Vitamix blender but just as useful and strong. Perfect for making healthy smoothies, soups and raw balls.

Personal trainer classes – To those who say it’s too expensive! They will have no more excuses when they get a few classes for Christmas. It may be the beginning of a new healthier life, and they have you to thank for it!

Massage treatments – Everyone loves a good massage, but not everyone will treat themselves to that kind of luxury. This is a Christmas gift that will do good for anyone.

Acupressure mat – Those who have tried love it, those who haven’t tried will love it. 30 minutes a day on this mat will do wonders for high stress levels.

A jar with homemade healthy, and delicious, Christmas candy – Stay tuned for our next newsletter where we give you our very yummiest and healthiest recipes for Christmas candy!


16 December, 2016


Stress down for the holidays!


Christmas is that time of year when we are supposed to celebrate, enjoy time with our families and rest. But sometimes the stress of making everything perfect takes over and it’s easy to forget to actually enjoy the holidays. Make sure that doesn’t happen this year by following those 5 ground rules for a stress free Christmas!


Schedule a break!

Sit down for a while, enjoy the silence and think of everything but gift shopping and sending holiday wishes. Listen to some music or indulge in your favorite Netflix show.


Drop the high ambitions

Why not give everyone a charity gift? Let a loved one know that they are making life a bit easier for someone in need, instead of getting another slow cooker …


Break a sweat – outside

You need the fresh air. Go outside for a run or a long walk and just breathe! Let everyone else deal with Christmas preparations for a while. You’ll come back with new energy and things will feel so much easier.


Hold on to your daily rituals

Make sure you do your usual exercises – Christmas is no excuse for skipping your favorite weekly workout routine.

Remember to have fun!

It’s not the end of the world if your niece didn’t love her gift, or if the Christmas ham turned out a bit dry. Make sure you spend time with the people you love and remember to rest and have fun!

7 December, 2016



With her writing Eva Rosengren wanted to portray women who break the norms and expectations of our society. Her debut novel “En brasiliansk, med svans” was released in October  – and the novel actually begun with a job posting.



Eva wrote an article on how job ads are designed and discovered that the qualifications requested in the ads were all the same – you have to be result-oriented and have social skills no matter what job you are applying for. She decided to write about a woman who was neither result-oriented nor had any social skills. Her name was Marilyn – a character now loved by readers all over the world.

Eva Rosengren has been employed by the  Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and worked in several countries, she was a news reporter on Rapport, CEO of a company working with education programs  –  and now she is an author and publisher. In her lectures she wants to inspire you to get the most out of life. Are you in the right place? Are you passionate about your work? Life and values ​​change with time; what was important to you before may not be that important anymore. Eva Rosengren knows how to change direction in life.

Do you want to win this book? Send an email with your namne and adress to Write Book in the subject line and tell us why you want to win! We will contact the 10 winners 24/11.

Good Luck!

22 November, 2016