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Let’s turn no-time into go-time, and me-time into we-time. Let’s turn our intentions into actions, and our movements into improvements. Let’s make the pain worth the muscles we gain.

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Golf event
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11/8 -2017 09:00
Bro Hof, Sweden


Training weekend

20-22/10 -2017
Holiday Club Åre, Sweden
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1 January, 2017


AW16 press event

Today we held our annual AW press event to introduce the new Autumn and Winter ’16 collection. Röhnisch colors of AW16 are inspired by nature’s pantry – the berries & vegetables that we love to use for fresh & healthy juices.

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17 August, 2016



What a wonderful weekend we had together at Lika Brunn!

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5 July, 2016